Are There Any Special Benefits of Investing in a Container House?

A container house is  a well-constructed steel structure that one can convert into a temporary home. Manufacturers heavily depend on recycled containers to design these shipping containers for selling purposes.

8 Attention-grabbing Merits of Buying a Container House Instead of Constructing One

Highly budget-friendly

Buying an on-site home is extremely expensive as it depends on factors such as location, design, and the size of the house. A potential homebuyer must have over $250,000 to buy a decent site-built home. Contrarily, shipping containers are incredibly affordable, as one can purchase one for as low as $10,000.

Highly space saving

The best part about these transportable homes is that they do not consume too much space. Each shipping container can measure 8ft by 20ft., implying they are space efficient.

Easy to construct

Clients prefer these houses, as a designer can deliver them in under 45 days, provided the client clears the down payment. The manufacturers make these metallic homes from reinforced steel, and aluminum to make them heavy-duty.

container house

Highly mobile

The beauty of these large houses is that they’re transportable with a flatbed truck. For this reason, one can lease a new piece of land and install this house. Unfortunately, one can’t move an on-site home as it is fixed to the ground via the foundation.

Shorter construction time

A regular home takes too much time as a builder must get approvals, hire different building professionals and dig a deep foundation. Conversely, fixing a shipping container can take less than six months.

Therefore, a client can move in within eight months, as construction rarely takes more than seven months.

Construction is relatively eco-friendly.

Building a regular house damages the environment through cutting down trees, clearing, and digging  a deep foundation. Further, it involves using excavators that release poisonous gasses into the air.


Buying an on-site house isn’t a good idea as such a property is relatively prone to damage by weather. On the contrary, a well-designed shipping container can survive harsh weather conditions, such as a tornado or a hurricane.

Impressively energy-efficient

One doesn’t need to install an air conditioner on this shipping container as it is relatively small. For this reason, one can regulate the room temperature to enhance the occupants’ comfort.


The cost of a container house can vary significantly depending on how tall it is. For example, investors spend nearly $180,000 to design relatively large shipping houses. Conversely, the construction cost of smaller shipping containers can be below $50,000.