4 Design Tips For Residential Architecture in Sydney

Residential architecture in Sydney is a vast and diverse industry, with many different styles and techniques available to residential architects. Residential architecture is one of the most prestigious fields of architecture, and working on homes can be challenging but rewarding. In this post, we’ll look at four tips for residential architects that will help you create beautiful homes for your clients.

Design For Functionality

When you’re designing your residential architecture in Sydney, it’s important to focus on functionality. This is not a simple case of making sure there are enough windows or that there is sufficient lighting in the kitchen. True functionality involves considering the flow of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as how room functions overlap.

There are many ways to improve a home’s functionality without adding more space or furniture. A few examples include:

  • Creating an open plan living area with sliding doors between rooms
  • Adding shelving space along walls for multi-purpose storage (e.g., bookshelf/entertainment centre)
  • Installing ceiling fans with lighting strips above dining tables or coffee nooks

Get Sustainability Right

  • Reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home.
  • Use renewable energy sources.
  • Use efficient appliances.
  • Use energy-saving devices, such as Programmable thermostats, which are often included in new homes, and Energy-efficient light bulbs that last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use less power while they’re lit.

Residential architecture in Sydney

Think About Lifestyle Choices

When you’re thinking about the type of home you want to live in, it’s important to think about the lifestyle choices your family will make. For example:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What are your favourite rooms?
  • How many people will live in the house?
  • How many bedrooms are needed (and how big should they be)?
  • How many bathrooms are needed (and how big should they be)?
  • Do you need more than one kitchen?

Consider the Site and Location

When considering the size and location of your home, it’s important to focus on what you love about your neighbourhood. This includes things like the natural landscape and nearby parks, as well as historical buildings or landmarks. You can also consider how you want to live in and around the home—do you want a private yard? What kind of area will be most attractive for family activities? Ask yourself: How will my lifestyle benefit from being here?


Choosing the right residential architect is a serious decision that requires careful consideration. It’s important to understand your own priorities, style and preferences before approaching any potential architects for advice or a quote. We hope this article has given you some tips and pointers on how to do just that!

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