Why Is It Important To Take Australian Expat Tax Advice?

Looking For Australian expat tax advice? for Australians seeking an overseas assignment, those who have previously taxed non-residents, prospective migrants, and tourists on work visas, we give access to australian expat tax advice and information on the Australian tax system. Our Inquiry form, located at the bottom of this page, will connect you with an experienced tax advisor as soon as possible.

Rather than being taxed on their “worldwide income” at a maximum current taxable rate of 45 percent (plus a Medicare levy of 2 percent and, where applicable, a medicare levy surcharge), Australian tax residents who have become non-residents for tax purposes are only taxed on their “Australian sourced income,” in contrast to the approach taken by some other countries, particularly the United States.

To avoid confusion, it is usually necessary for Australian expatriates to explicitly define their tax resident status before going and returning to Australia.

Australian expat tax advice

Tax residency is highly reliant on an individual’s unique circumstances and might require detailed evaluations; as a result, it is strongly recommended that you get expert counsel to explain your status before making any decisions. If possible, this should be completed before you depart for your overseas assignment because your immigration status may be affected by your overseas employment terms.

Aspects of taxation that are of particular importance to expatriates include the application of capital gains tax (CGT) on property and assets in Australia, both on leaving and while abroad, as well as the treatment of rental income from property while abroad.

Australian expatriates, in our opinion, should have a tax briefing from a competent adviser before leaving Australia and at least many months before returning. There are many tax complexity, and we cannot expect to handle them all within the scope of this website. However, we do include some broad background information on the most prevalent taxation difficulties, as well as a page of frequently asked questions about taxes.

Please keep in mind that due to several recent changes, particularly in the area of superannuation, where the government has limited annual and non-concessional contributions, it is essential that you also plan your superannuation strategy, as this may require you to make contributions while you are overseas and before you return to Australia.

If you seek australian expat tax advice, you have come to the correct place. Unlike most other countries, most Australian tax consultants are primarily concerned with local issues. It would be best to choose tax experts who are knowledgeable and skilled in international tax affairs. To learn more about this topic visit our website.

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