5-Points Checklist of Christchurch Property Inspections for Home Buyers

Christchurch property inspections are the examination of a property, usually prior to purchase, to ascertain its condition and any potential problems. It is usually conducted by a qualified professional, such as a home inspector or building surveyor. The inspection will typically include a visual examination of the property and its contents, as well as a review of any documentation related to the property, such as its title or planning permissions.

Oil tank:

An oil tank can be a safety hazard if it is not in good condition. It can also cause environmental damage if it is not in good condition. If you are selling your home, you will want to make sure the oil tank is in good condition and is up to code. Therefore, it is an important part of a home inspection.

HVAC system:

The inspector will check the system to make sure it is functioning properly and has no leaks. They will also check the filters to make sure they are clean and not clogged. If there are any problems with the HVAC system, the inspector will note them in their report.


A home inspector will check the roof of a home as part of a home inspection. The inspector will look for any damage to the roof, such as missing or damaged shingles, as well as any signs of leaks. The inspector will also check the condition of the roof decking and eaves.

Water drainage and disbursement:

When there is water drainage and disbursement problem in the home, it will cause a lot of damage. There are a lot of ways to solve water drainage and disbursement problem. You need to find the right way to solve the problem. One way is that when your home is in the building process, make sure the construction companies in Christchurch take the complete measure.

Asbestos and flooring:

One of the most common materials used in flooring is asbestos. Asbestos was once a popular material because it is strong and resists fire. However, it has been linked to several health problems, including cancer. If you are buying a home, it is important to be aware of the potential for asbestos in the flooring and to have it tested.

Electricity system:

An electricity system is one of the most important things in Christchurch property inspections. A home inspector will check the main service panel, all the breakers and fuses, the wiring, the switches and outlets, and the GFCI outlets. The inspector will also check the grounding system and make sure that all the wiring is up to code.

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