How to install the decorative door moulding

The simple and straightforward look of a wooden exterior will be a great choice for you if you admire and value the simplicity. These wooden exterior doors are simple, clean, straight, and flat. But if you want something extra in them and make your surroundings more beautiful, then these standard doors will not be enough for you. If you want to customise them according to your desire, there are some tricks that you should know. Decorative door molding is one of the techniques that can help you customise the wooden exterior doors according to your desire. 

It can make your simple wooden exterior door look like a designer’s Masterpiece. With the help of moulding, you can get your required style that you want without wasting money on buying the new door. What you require for moulding is just flat trim, mitre saw, and wood glue and you can do this without any problem.

Removing the doors:

You have to remove the doors from the hinges before you start working on them. With the help of a hammer and chisel, you can remove the pins out from the hinges. You can ask someone for help to hold the door while you remove the hinges, so the door doesn’t fall. Even though you can do this by yourself, it is easier when you have extra hands for your help. Now you can set the door down and start working on it.

Take measurements and mark them:

You can use your tape measurement and pencil to decide from which place you want to trim the door. Usually, the wooden exterior doors have six or four panels, so you need measurement according to it. You need to start every panel from 3 to 5 inches from the edge of the door so that they don’t get away with a doorknob. 

Taking the measurement of moulding:

Now you have to take the measurements and then cut down the moulding. You need to take a note of the measurements you made for the panel, and after that, you should double-check them. You can also mark them with the pencil to make sure that the cutting is sharp and neat.

Finishing touches:

Now you need wood glue to assemble all the parts of the door and let the glue dry for at least one day. After that, you are free to paint and do the finishing according to your desire. When the paint is done, you need to let it dry then you can hang the door. Now your Decorative door moulding is complete.