What is the Working Procedure of Solar Powered Gable Roof Mounted Ventilators & Attic Fans?

In a large house, it is important to have good air circulation through roof mounted ventilators. This is necessary in the warmer months to keep the house cool, and in the colder months to ensure that no mold and mildew or dry rot is formed.

Most of these houses have an attic or attic in a form that is often used to store or leave things empty. One way to simply achieve this is to use the solar ventilator system and an outdoor fan. This article explains how these devices work and how you can install them.

How does Solar Power Gable Ventilators Work?

The principle is the same for the outdoor and ventilator system. There is a solar panel on the roof. It is used to generate electricity from direct sunlight. The electricity is then collected by the battery or used to control the ventilation mechanism or fan. In most cases, the vent and part are from the same package.

Even if you do not usually have a battery set, this will ensure that the device can be used all day and night (even in bad weather).

roof mounted ventilators

What are the advantages of solar powered gable ventilator?

Solar-powered spinaway roof ventilator has two main advantages over traditional units. The first major benefit is that they are easy to install. The second is that they are free after paying the installation costs.

Installation is relatively simple. The hardest thing is to place the solar panel on the roof. This can be done by an entrepreneur or a skilled handyman. Once the panel is installed, it involves connecting the fan and ventilator to the inlets from the solar panel.

Installation is easier and cheaper than a unit that uses a network, especially if there are no electrical outlets on the south side.

Once they are installed, the solar panel can hence last up to almost 25 years. The mechanical mechanism of the fan and ventilator can be damaged, but it will take many years. It’s free as long as the sun is shining and you can save a few dollars on your electricity bills.

How to install?

Determine where to install the supply shield valve. Install behind an existing wall-mounted blind or install a main-flow automatic gable blind. Attach the mounting bracket with power valve by using the supplied nuts and the bolts.

Mounting brackets of roof mounted ventilators must be pre-drilled to size 16 ”with central pins. If the centers are larger than 16 “, place the fan 2” x 4 “, 14” above and below the fan unit.

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