Things To Consider Before Building Shed Houses

The main purpose of buying or building shed houses is to provide a conducive environment for shed-loving plants or growing indoor plants. It optimizes the growth efficiency and protects the plants against natural weather disturbances and insects. However, shed houses do more than just gardening sheds; they serve the role of storage sheds, child’s playhouse, and workshop/office shed.

Due to the number of uses of gardening houses, you may need to exercise certain measures to ensure you find the best sheds for sale NZ. Consider the aspects below when buying or building shed houses.

Basic styles

There are two basic styles of shed houses you can consider in New Zealand. One can consider attached or freestanding shed houses depending on their needs. However, freestanding houses are more advisable because it’s easy to install in any location, except that their construction and installation costs can be overwhelming.

On the other hand, attached shed houses can be fixed on any strong house or garage wall. It’s considered the most budget-friendly option because one doesn’t need all four walls.

 Structural option

Shed cloth: shed cloth covers the skeleton of your shed house, and it protects your plants. The shed cloth can be made either from aluminum or loosely woven polyester and come in a wide range of colors to improve UV light absorption.

shed houses

We look at the shed net by determining the light that passes through it. For instance, a shed with 80% means it allows 20% light in. two common shed clothes in the market include woven shed cloth and knitted shed cloth

Frame material

There are three types of frame materials, i.e., wood frames, plastic frames, and aluminum frames. Wood frames are easy to find and affordable, but their downside is the durability issue. Wood frames don’t last long like plastic or aluminum frames. Plastic frames are lightweight and less expensive, and plastic shed houses don’t heat during hot days like other materials.

Lastly, aluminum frame frames are stronger and steady than wood and plastic frames. It’s ideal for long-term use due to its rustproof characteristics, with the downslide only being the high cost.


We have mentioned the basic factors that should be considered during the construction of shed houses in NZ. However, you may also need to look at minor details such as size and cost, shed house site, orientation, shed houses vendor, and other structural options. Lastly, always ensure that your structure adheres to the state laws and ethics.

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