Are you shifting to Thailand?

The people who are shifting to Thailand for any purpose will be excited about the opportunity. This beautiful beach country is the world’s most popular holiday destination. This place could mean that the people who wish to settle here will get the best what the world has to offer. The house Thailand Hunting could be a little bit of a problem as the people who are relocating will realize that foreigners cannot easily own properties in Thailand.

Home in Thailand

The laws in Thailand which deal with property ownership do not allow a foreigner to own land on their own. There are, however some options that they can enjoy if they agree on the options. The alternatives to the situation are:


The foreigners can lease a land or a house in the country for long years so that they can live there as long as the lease is in place. The lease will require a huge paperwork and some conditions to be fulfilled.

Start an organization

The business which is set up in Thailand can allow you to own property in the name of the business. This way the economy directly benefits and thus does not object the investment made in the country.

The people who are shifting should think about leasing. The cost of a house in Thailand is high and they have surpassed the property situations in US and UK which is surprising. The House and Condo for sale in Samui information will easily be available and the only way one can own this place is by ensuring that there is a Thai partner who owns the rest of the property. There is a catch here the foreigners cannot own more than 49% of this property. This means that around 51% of the property rights should be with a Thai.

The whole property ownership is strictly guarded by the government to protect the locals and the economy from foreign investment. It becomes a problem for simple settlers who are relocating for smaller interests. The one who wishes to lease can lease the place for the maximum for 30 years. This is also covered with certain limitations and the buyers must think the whole thing through. It is best to take the advice of the lawyers to help you through the deal and it is best to take time before finalizing on anything.