How to Buy Property in Thailand?

This is not an uncommon thought of the people who have just come back from an amazing vacation from Thailand to own their own place in the Island country. The Thai House simplicity and greatness makes people want to own the place there and with the world’s most beautiful holiday destination it is the right though.

Can you own a land there?

Well if you are a foreigner then as a law you cannot own land or buy a property in Thailand. But this does not mean that there is no hope there are many alternatives available for people who wish to buy property in the land. The people who wish to buy the property should be warned not to click on the random online links which say that they can help them. The important thing is to know what needs to be done.

Own a company

You can start a business in Thailand and then under the company own property. This is allowed as a business would benefit the economy and thus will allow foreigners to spend their money.


If the idea is not suitable then the person can lease a property for a long time and enjoy the place for as long as the lease exists. There are many different property types available in Thailand and if you wish to buy anything find out about Phuket home and condo sales in the place which can allow you to enjoy your house.

The laws which will help you buy the place or at least own it are as follows:-

        Foreigners are allowed to lease any place for more than 30 years in the country. This lease is also possible when there is an establishment of relationship with the Thai national. The paperwork should be in place and the information inside them should be accurate to avoid ant later conflicts.

        The government protects the land laws and wants to ensure that they do not lose the right to the foreigners. Thus the foreign national can buy a land but cannot own more than 49% shares of the place. Yes, there should be a 51% share held by a Thai citizen for the property to be used in the name of a foreign national. The process sounds a little complicated and it is but there is a way out and the person should think whether this sounds fine to go ahead.